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Apparently 'Stranger Things' Lie Ahead After Script Reveal

Gettyimages | Ricardo Ceppi
By J. Atkin

When you're waiting for something any scrap of information is a gift. That's what the "Stranger Things" Twitter account gifted its fans yesterday, November 6, when it posted a photo of the script for the upcoming season four premiere episode. We are now all officially waiting for, "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club".

This is very exciting just from a "Stranger Things" perspective. It's confirmation that season four is in fact on its way and that things are moving ahead, really, there's photographic evidence now. But that also means we have far more to think about today than we did yesterday.

If you're a "Stranger Things" fan alone maybe the title is tantalizing and exciting, but if you geek out over other fandoms you may already be able to guess a little something about the upcoming season just from this one episode title. Know anyone who is a fan of the X-Men? Because they may be able to give you a little extra information about the Hellfire Club.

Related to what you're reading:

Unlike our heroes on the show, the Hellfire Club was actually a group of villains who fought against the X-Men in the comic book series. You may have heard of an X-Men character called The Dark Phoenix (perhaps from one of its two movie appearances), well, the Hellfire Club had a lot to do with releasing that power/character on the world in the first place.

What's important about The Dark Phoenix? It was the dark side and power of a previously well-respected hero on the X-Men team, Jean Grey, who was never able to fully accept or control her own powers. Sound like anyone we know on our own beloved show?

We know Eleven possibly suffered a great loss at the end of season three (RIP Hopper) and it looked like she was moving away from the only safe (sort of) home she'd ever known. That's a lot for any normal adolescent to deal with, but what happens when that gets coupled with godlike powers and a problematic upbringing? Maybe we are always our own worst enemy. We will have to wait and see what happens on screen, but it is quite a lot to chew on in the meantime.

Here's hoping the X-Men comics and characters make at least a small cameo with our wonderful nerds. We know the Hawkins kids can relate to the comic characters, and we also know the stories would be right up their alley.

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