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Stormy Daniels Hints Sex with Donald Trump Wasn't Great and He's Not Exactly Bigly

By TheBlast Staff

Stormy Daniels is finally addressing the most pressing question the American people have wanted to know: is the president (allegedly) good in the sack?

The big but not-so-big Donald Trump reveal was published today in Daniels' highly-anticipated Penthouse interview.

In the excerpt below, Daniels talked about what the general public has wondered since Trump declared during a 2016 GOP debate in Detroit that, size-wise, the penis matches the hands.

"Was it good sex?"

"What do you think?"

"Everyone’s different."

Stormy sips her wine and side-eyes me.

"And the penis wasn’t big?" I continue.

"Yeah," Stormy confirms.

"Like his fingers?" I joke.

Stormy puts her hands in the air. "I don’t want to shame anybody," she explains.

Stormy's penis reveal was one of many laid out in interviewer Mitchell Sunderland's lengthy Penthouse piece, which also named her "Penthouse Pet of the Century."


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