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Stormi Throws Playful Temper Tantrum As Kylie Jenner Carries Her to Bed

By Jeff Mazzeo

Stormi never wants to leave a party!

Kylie Jenner shared an adorable video on Monday night that featured her 2-year-old daughter laughing and throwing a playful tantrum as mommy carried her home from a party.

"I'm taking you home!" Kylie jokingly exclaimed before Stormi erupted, "No! Let go of me!"

Mommy was dressed in a chic leather jacket, while Stormi rocked a cool white sweater. Kylie went ahead and turned her own video into a meme before her millions of fans had the chance.

"a visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to drag me out the first party post quarantine," she captioned the adorable video.

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Fans Get In On The Fun


Kylie's fans and her BFF couldn't resist but get in on the meme fun and sounded off in the comments.

"US out the party***** 😂😂😂," Stassie wrote.

"Lmao that’s how u guys gonna have to drag me! When I’m normally the first to leave 😂," a follower wrote.

"when I was trying to parking lot pimp that one day 😩😂," a fan joked referencing the toddler being dragged away.

As usual, Jenner's sycophants flooded her post with emojis and praise.

"Such a happy baby ☺️," one fan commented, while another said, "So so so cute 💕💕💕."

Kylie & Stormi's Super Fun Day!


It sure looked like mommy and little Stormi had an amazing day filled with music, friends, and snacks! The hot mama shared some new memories to her IG story as well and the little one was grubbing down on some seaweed snacks. Kylie slapped on a cute, pink bib with a catch-all to make sure her sweater didn't get dirty. Jenner also revealed that Stormi is ticklish and made her laugh as the poked and prodded the little girl.

Mommy's Playful Mood


Jenner was in rare form yesterday and we love it! Not only did she get down with some twerking TikTok videos and oil herself up for a sultry clip, she recreated a hilarious and iconic clip from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Kylie impersonated her mother, Kris while Stassie played the part of Kendall. Together they pulled off the "you are cute jeans" bit. For those unfamiliar with the routine, it has kinda become the Kardashian's "Who's on first?" Watch the funny clip below and ask yourself, 'why?'

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