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Watch New Footage From 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'

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By Emily Reily

We've Got Galaxy Brain


Star Wars fans, get excited! We've got new footage from The Rise Of Skywalker to pore over, and there's a lot to cover.

The scenes, compiled in a sizzle reel, were seen Saturday during D23 in Anaheim and were released online today.

Sizzle, schmizzle -- unwrapping this new footage will keep fans talking for weeks.

Double the Fun


We now have Dark Rey - at least we think she's dark, because of her robe. She also has a double light saber. Funny, Kylo Ren also has a type of double light saber. We have a bad feeling about this.

In the sizzle reel, Rey and Ren are fighting on a ship that's in the water; waves are pounding the aircraft. This can only end in one way.

We Get More Of Leia

Giphy | Star Wars

What's comforting, though, is that Leia (Carrie Fisher) will return through unused footage from 2015's The Force Awakens.

"We could not be more excited for you to see her final performance as Leia," says director J.J. Abrams.

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