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Ewan McGregor Will SPLIT 'Star Wars' Royalties With Ex-Wife In Divorce Settlement!

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
By Mike Walters

Ewan McGregor and his ex-wife will SPLIT the royalties from his huge 'Star Wars' prequels after finally settling the couple's ongoing divorce.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, McGregor, and his ex-wife -- Eve McGregor -- are splitting community property from their 22-year marriage and that includes a huge list of box office hits and royalties for those films.

In the settlement, filed in L.A courts, FOUR 'Star Wars' movies made the list of items to share, and let's just say that is a ton of money to be divided in half.

See A List Of The Movies McGregor And His Ex-Wife Are Splitting Royalties

The Blast

To be clear, each of the Star Wars movies made $649 million to more than $1 billion at the box office. So, considering most likely Ewan has some sort of back end deal for the royalties, it will continue to be a massive paycheck.

In the documents, list of movies to be split spans two whole pages and includes hits like 'Moulin Rouge,' 'Nanny McPhee,' and 'Big Fish.'

Shockingly, Ewan will get to keep THIRTY vehicles acquired by the actor over the years, including cars motorcycles, and other classics.

Ewan will also split the profits from the sale of the several properties the couple owned in Europe.

Ewan McGregor Is Keeping THIRTY Vehicles In The Divorce Settlement


As for Eve, she will keep the couple's $6.62 million L.A. mansion, all of her jewelry, and five of her own vehicles. According to the documents, she will get a one-time payment of $501,704 as an equalization payment.

In the settlement, Eve will get $35,868 per month in spousal support and $14,934 per month in child support. The couple has agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Anouk.

The settlement comes after the couple's divorce seemed to be heading in a nasty direction, after the actor complained he was paying too much money in support. We broke the story, Ewan filed documents complaining he was paying more than what his obligation should be, at the same time Eve claiming she is receiving less than she should.

The couple has now settled the entire divorce.

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