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'Star Trek' Star William Shatner Settles $100 Million Divorce With Ex-Wife

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Mike Walters

'Star Trek' star William Shatner has settled his divorce with estranged wife, Elizabeth, and the 88-year old actor is now single and ready to mingle.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Shatner and his wife of 18 years have settled their divorce and hashed out all of the financial details.

As we reported, Shatner's net worth is over $100 Million dollars and it could have been quite the issue splitting the money the actor has earned over the last two decades.

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Ex-Couple Had An Iron-Clad Prenup...

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But, according to the documents, the couple had a prenup so there will be no spousal support paid by Shatner to his ex-wife.

The couple, who was married back in 2001, signed an iron-clad prenup which drew out specifically how the money would be divided up in case they ever split.

So, in case you are wondering, all of that 'Star Trek' money will stay in the hands of William. The only issue was to discuss the money he made from other projects while they were married. But, that's what you have good lawyers for and in this case, celebrity attorney Laura Wasser was on the case.

To be clear, most of his money comes from 'Star Trek' royalties and businesses surrounding the show. That would be considered separate property when they got married years ago.

'Star Trek' Money Stays With Shatner...

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For the record, Shatner knew what he was doing...Elizabeth is his fourth wife, he was previously married to Nerine Kidd, Marcy Lafferty, and Gloria Rand.

Shatner only has children with Rand, so in this case, child support is also not an issue.

Interestingly, Shatner says the couple separated on February 1, 2019, but was spotted recently still wearing his wedding ring! So, it's unclear if Bill is just holding on to the possibility of getting back together with his ex-wife, or maybe he just forgot to take the thing off.

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