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'General Hospital' Star Mark Lawson Honors The Memory Of Actor Stan Kirsch

By Clark Sparky

Actor Stan Kirsch tragically died by suicide this week at the age of 51. His untimely passing was confirmed on Monday by his wife. The news rocked the acting community as Kirsch not only enjoyed a long career as a working actor in series such as "Highlander" and "Friends," but was also a respecting acting coach.

One of his student was "General Hospital" star Mark Lawson, who took to his Instagram account to share a moving tribute to Kirsch.

"Stan. I’m reeling...all the way back to my first year in Los Angeles," he wrote. "Had a roommate I didn’t like. Was terrified to make a left on red. I needed the big break NOW so I could leave this terrifying town and go home and somehow work the Hollywood machine from there. I was in a Lesly Kahn Bootcamp class with another teacher and heard your voice coming into the Studios on Cole (that’s how far back we go). I was star struck. I was the biggest goddamn nerd for Highlander. I couldn’t even talk to you the first time I was introduced to you. And somehow I ended up in your Ongoing class. And man did you have your fucking hands full... Musical theater kid who had just finished a year of classical acting at LAMDA. I thought the the sweet flower of Hollywood would would lose her virtue to my voice, my movement, my gym ape physique. She didn’t.

"You had to teach me nuance first. Stillness. “Do less. Do less.” Whispered in my ear. I believed it. I started to find it. I can walk my closet right now and pull out the wardrobe I wore to the first job I booked. You told me to go sweaty. I did. Was playing a down and out boxer... My first job was a top of show guest star. They bought me for two weeks to learn a fight. I got to run the Art Museum steps in Philly. Even my parents weren’t as excited as you, my friend. You would coach me for nothing. You even let me be your trainer for a minute. You were my first big brother here. I’ll never forget that. And that’s how you’ll stay," his tribute continued.

But then what happened? Not a goddamn thing. I didn’t work for four years. I was in class with you and so many of the people I shamefully have lost touch with when I announced “I’m done, guys. I’m quitting.” And I did. But somehow I stayed. Somehow I always had a toe in. And a few years went by before I booked the greatest job I’ve had to date. Four years on a soap," Lawson said.

"I visited you every now and then when I was back in LA (the soap shot in New York). I was already that kid who would drop in on his teachers. His mentors. His heroes. When I returned for good, I got to see you in YOUR stUdio. Doing things YOUR way. I got to be your student again. You were brilliant. I miss you," he concluded.

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