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'Geekosity' Has the Goss

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The comics rumor mill is swirling again, this time around Spider-Man.

Mikey Sutton, who runs the private Facebook group "Geekosity -- All Things Pop Culture," has apparently leaked another bit of news regarding the webbed warrior.

A Good Track Record

Unsplash | Daniel Adesina

Sutton has a good record of releasing accurate information about the Marvel Comics Universe and the DC Extended Universe before other, perhaps more credible, sources come through with the news. So there isn't much reason not to trust him.

It's Rumored That Disney Wants To Buy Spider-Man

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Sutton says Disney is interested in straight-up buying Spider-Man from Sony so that he stays in the MCU and so that Disney keeps the rights to him.

Apparently Disney doesn't want to wait for Sony and Apple to get moving.

Would They Pay $5B For Our Hero?

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Here's the text from "Geekosity":

"SCOOP – 10/9/19: Disney wants to buy Spider-Man."

"While rumors have circulated before the Sony-Disney dispute of such a purchase, it was mere speculation, especially the erroneous high number that was quoted. What I’m hearing is that Disney is looking to offer in the range of $4 to $5 billion for Spider-Man. But now the questions will be asked."

Who's Got the Deepest Pockets?

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Sutton says he's only hearing one side of the story, though, and it's coming from Disney.

But Disney does have plenty of cash to throw around, and Sutton adds that they are going to need another superhero:

“Marvel’s most well-known hero, and with Iron Man and Captain America gone, they need an anchor in the MCU.”

We will have to wait until another scrap of information is released to MCU public, who are hungry for answers.

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