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'Spice Girls' Star Geri Halliwell Baffles Fans By Wearing All-White, Designer Gardening Outfit

By Jeff Mazzeo

"Spice Girls" star Geri Halliwell usually dresses for the occasion but her latest outfit has fans scratching their heads in disbelief because it's so impractical.

Ginger Spice shared a cute pic of herself in her garden with the caption, "Is gardening therapeutic or hard work?"

It is a very interesting question but her fans could not get past her all-white wardrobe.

"Your wearing white whilst gardening? brave Geri!" one follower wrote while another said, "Your dry-cleaning bill must be [up arrow emoji],"

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All-White Errything


Maybe it's a little Posh (bad Spice Girls pun) to wear white when you know you are gonna get dirty but she looked fabulous.

She wore long pants, a Tommy Hilfiger vest, and a nice waterproof jacket. Her cute, blue gardening gloves and her black rain boots were the only non-white articles of clothing.

"Gardening wearing Tommy. So Geri Halliwell," a fan noted.

Nice Garden


The garden looks well maintained and exotic but it looks impossible not to get a few dirt smudges on your gear.

From the photo, there is no visible evidence that Geri got down and dirty. Her knees are completely clean and the jacket looks like it was just taken off the rack.

Keepin' It Classy


However, she did share a video to her Instagram story that showed her digging with a hoe.

"So I read this book about gardening for people who don't garden. So, I thought yeah, I'll plant some bulbs," Geri said.

Halliwell continued, "I'm not sure it was that therapeutic."

If you are gonna garden, you might as well look great doing it. Can you dig it?

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