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McDonald's In The Bentley


Things get started with the best character on "Southern Charm," Patricia, being driven in her Bentley by Butler Michael through a McDonald's drive-thru. She orders a cheeseburger -- no ketchup! -- and proceeds to eat it on the pull out tray in the backseat. But not before Michael pours her a large glass of red wine to go with it, of course.

It is, without doubt, the best scene from the series so far.

Kathryn's Date Night


We then switch to Kathryn preparing for a date night at home with her boyfriend Joe (who we now know is no longer her boyfriend). She orders takeout and removes it from the boxes and puts it on fine china that her grandmother gave her. It's a very Ms. Doubtfire move.

Cam Gets A Nanny

After five episodes of making it clear she's sick of being a stay-at-home mom, Cameran finally interviews a nanny. She asks all sorts of ridiculous questions that are certainly not staged for the show -- "what would you do if Palmer went into the fireplace?" -- and hires her.

Going Glamping

After all that, we get to the central storyline of the episode: the boys are going glamping!

Shep, Whitney, and Craig rent an RV -- which comes with its own driver! -- to take Austen on a trip and get his mind off Madison. They drink some Bud Light and a few of Austen's beers (of which he is down to two cases because her ran out of money), and eight hours later arrive at the camp site.

Craigs Stomps Off

That's when the fun begins. After building a fire to cook their dinner, Whitney and Shep decide to roast Craig for the remainder of the night for his cooking inadequacies. Craig finally get fed up and throws a hot dog and a plate at Whitney, getting hot dog juice on Whitney's glasses. The horror!

Craig, after dramatically oversalting the burgers, gets fed up with the jokes and stomps off into the RV and goes to sleep.

What Next?!

Shortly after, Austen gets fed up with Shep and Whitney's antics, as well, sets up a tent and goes to bed. That's where the episode leaves us. Surely there is much more camping drama to come in episode 7.

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