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'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel Says Phone Records Prove Kathryn Dennis In Cahoots with His Ex-Nanny

By Ryan Naumann

“Southern Charm” star Thomas Ravenel claims to have bombshell evidence proving his ex-Kathryn Dennis was in cahoots with the nanny accusing him of sexual assault and has submitted it to the court.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ravenel is accusing Dennis of directly working with his former nanny Dawn Ledwell and show producers on the sexual assault case filed against him. In the docs, Ravenel claims to have Dennis’ phone records which reveal Dennis and Ledwell were in constant contact before and during the day she filed.

Ravenel claims that Ledwell first made the accusations against him in December 2015, when “she was upset because I hired an additional nanny, Diedre, to care for Kensie and Saint.

He denied the claims and says he was confused why it came from someone he considered family. Ravenel say Ledwell didn’t make the accusations public until 2018.


Ravenel believes he knows why she waited to come public with her story. He claims, “The more information uncovered about Kathryn’s actitivies, the more Katyryn was found to be connected to Dawn."

He recalls a moment last year, “On Sunday, May 6, 2018, I requested that Kathryn submit to a drug test in anticipation of our coming mediation to discuss changes in her visitation and child support. I needed to know she was drug free to offer her more time. The very next day …. The day I “made” Kathryn submit to a drug test Dawn went to the police and filed a criminal complaint against me.”


Ravenel says Dennis' phone records show that she talked to Ledwell twice the day she went to police. He claims she then called a “Southern Charm” producer soon after.

He also claims Dennis’ credit cards statement shows she paid a law firm $20,000 the day Dawn filed the criminal complaint but days before it became public information.

Ravenel says during this time Dennis actually kept telling him she loved him. She allegedly continued being supportive of him and told him she was not involved with Ledwell’s complaint.


He writes, “it disgusts and horrifies me to find out she was communicating with Dawn and procuring an attorney the same time she was sending me these messages.”

Ravenel says Dennis filed for sole custody the month “Southern Charm” started filming season 6. He claims her previous storyline was gaining 50/50 time with their kids and says the natural progression for her would be getting sole custody. He adds, “Dawn going public and filing a criminal complaint against me was the ammunition she believed she needed to accomplish that.”

In his docs, he says “The prospect of wealth, fame, and a spot on a reality tv show made me a magnet for women who are interested in me for the wrong reasons. I did not realize it at the time. I blindly enjoyed the attention, the flattery and the limelight that came with celebrity and remained the no-filter, care-free Thomas that I had been my entire life. That was my mistake.”


Ravenel submitted his declaration in support of his demand to strip Dennis of custody. He accuses Dennis of failing a recent drug test when it came back positive for marijuana. He is requesting the court to only allow Dennis to have supervised visitation with their two kids Kensie and Saint. Dennis has disputed the test and pointed out her hair test came back clean. A judge has yet to rule.

Last year, Ledwell sued the reality star for an alleged sexual assault that went down in 2015. She added producers and Bravo as defendants, claiming they should be partly liable for damages due to her belief they failed to provide adequate security to her and other persons who appeared on ‘Southern Charm’.

Ledwell also claimed the producers and Bravo created and encouraged plot lines that focused on alcohol, sex and the concept that “that male cast members, including Defendant Ravenel, suffer from ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ and they are the ‘Lost Boys’ and Charleston is their ‘Neverland.'” In the suit, she claimed to have told the network about the alleged assault and they failed to investigate her accusations. She sued seeking unspecified damages. Ravenel has denied all allegations he assaulted Ledwell.

Ravenel is still facing criminal charges relating to the alleged sexual assault.

Back in November 2018, Ravenel filed a lawsuit against Bravo and “Southern Charm” producers demanding a judge stop them from broadcasting unaired footage on the show. Ravenel filed the docs as part of his custody battle with Dennis. She filed for primary custody of the children back in October. Dennis had her custody taken away in 2016 after failing a drug test but was awarded joint custody this year after completing rehab and staying clean.

In his suit against Bravo, Ravenel says the network and “Southern Charm” producers “encouraged” his ex to file for custody against him to create drama on the show.

He demanded Dennis not be awarded primary custody despite her request. Ravenel, who is about to be on trial for an alleged sexual assault in South Carolina, claimed he learned that Bravo and producers have unaired footage of his kids and ex talking about the legal battle and it was to be aired on the upcoming season. The reality star sued demanding a South Carolina judge prohibit the sensitive footage from airing on the show.

Ravenel would later file docs accusing Dennis of buying drugs from friends and show producers and even accused her of committing a hit-and-run. Dennis has denied all allegations brought by Ravenel.

That case is ongoing.

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