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'Southern Charm' Fans Demand Bravo Fire Kathryn Dennis For Racist Message

By Ryan Naumann

“Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis is being torn apart by fans for sending a racist text and following it up with a half-hearted apology.

Earlier this week, Kathryn got into a social media fight with a black radio host, Mika Gadsden. The reality star argued her support of a “Trump Boat Parade” did not make her racist. During the back and forth, Kathryn wrote Mika, “grow a pair. You’re an L 7 weeeeeenieeee. That’s how serious I take this” along with a monkey emoji.

Gadsden shared the messages writing, “This is what happens when a Black woman in #Charleston speaks up against white supremacy.”

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Dennis then issued a basic apology, “From the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I hurt. Although the context was not my intention, there are no ‘if ands or buts’ that excuse me did not give it thought, and it was and is wrong. I know I am not that person. I know and will do better.”

Fans weren’t here for any of it and are moving to have Kathryn removed from the show. One wrote, “This makes me sad. I had a feeling you were a MAGA racist, but we all were really rooting for you. It’s not enough to just apologize on social media but the fact that you felt like she was doing something wrong in the first place shows just how warped your views really are.”


Another said, “Bravo needs to step in and do some R&R, remove and replace.”

One wasn’t moved by the apology writing, “This “apology “ is too little too late. It’s a shame that we don’t think before we speak and or type. I don’t believe that you are apologetic, but because your racism came shining through and you got called on it now you’re sorry. #cancelkathryndennis"

“Really tired of the "spew racist comment/comparisons and then publicly apologize for offending anybody to save face and ratings play" you know what you meant when you said it. #TrueColorsshowing,” said one fan.

One individual told others, “Let’s not forget this is very ‘on brand’ for the Calhoun family tree. This old super pro slavery racist m-f’er is her family’s claim to fame. John C. Calhoun - look him up.”

While one expressed her anger directly to the reality star, “So disappointed in you. I used to root for you before you showed your inner racist. Now, I just pray you get a clue and maybe learn some empathy. Look it up. @KathrynDennis”

As The Blast previously reported, Kathryn’s costar, Cameran Eubanks, announced she will not be returning for season 7.

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