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Chris Cornell's Widow Files To Dismiss "Meritless" Lawsuit Brought By His Ex-Wife, Says Its "Smear Campaign"

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By Mike Walters

'Soundgarden' rocker Chris Cornell's widow Vicky has asked a Florida court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife saying she only filed it as a "publicity stunt" and a "smear campaign."

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Chris' widow Vicky Cornell is asking the court to dismiss a new lawsuit filed by is first wife Susan Silver, saying that there was no reason to file it in the first place.

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As we reported, Silver has gone to court claiming Chris's estate and Vicky owe money for child support and school expenses for her daughter Lily.

Chris married Susan in 1990 and were divorced in 2004. They share one daughter named Lillian Jean. The couple settled and Chris agreed $5,000 a month in child support. He also agreed to cover education costs, including college.

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According to the new the filing, "Cornell has paid all obligations to date, including those she and the estate are arguably not legally obligated to pay. Silver has falsely claimed that Cornell, has not paid child support, which includes tuition and health insurance for Lily.

It continues, "The undisputed facts are that Cornell has paid all child support, including Lily's high school and college tuition, educational expenses, and health insurance for Lily."

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Vicky's lawyer then describes what they believe this entire thing is actually about, saying, the filing is "smear campaign against Cornell..on par with Silver's never-ending vendetta against Cornell."

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The estate also claims they have been generous with the rocker's daughter, "Cornell not only paid for Lily's school, but Cornell also overpaid for school when she paid spring tuition, despite Lily's choice to leave school without advising Cornell." they claim.

As The Blast first reported, Vicky was appointed executor of Chris’ estate, which is valued at $20,000,000.

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Bottom line, they want the suit thrown out saying, "there is no basis for a lawsuit because there is noting due or owed." They are also asking for all of the attorney's fees to be paid back to the estate for having to fight the case.

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