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Disney Announces 'Soul' From The Director Of 'Inside Out,' And Fans Are Prepping Their Tissues

By Emily Reily

It's been announced that the director of Inside Out, Pete Docter, is working on the Disney-Pixar movie Soul, and it sounds as if it might bring out some feels in people.

From 'Inside Out' To Out of This World

Soul arrives June 19, 2020, precisely five years after the premier of Inside Out.

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"From the Streets of New York City..."

Docter is the chief creative officer of Pixar, as well as a director, screenwriter, voice actor and producer.

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Cosmic Big Apple

The movie apparently takes place between New York City and "the cosmic realms," whatever that means.

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_Soul_ Sounds Like a Deep Dive

Among one of the movie's taglines is the cryptic passage, "Ever wonder where your passion, your dreams and your interests come from? What is it that makes you, you?"

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Docter Is a Well-Respected Director

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Docter, a "geeky kid from Minnesota who likes to draw cartoons," according to the Star Tribune, has certainly forged a name for himself in the world of animation and Hollywood, so he comes well recommended for this new endeavor.

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