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Sofia Vergara Scores Again Against Ex-Fiancé Nick Loeb In Frozen Embryo Court Battle

By Ryan Naumann

“America’s Got Talent” star Sofia Vergara scored a huge victory in her ongoing battle with her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb.

According to records obtained by The Blast, a Los Angeles judge recently sided with the actress ordering she won’t have to turn over a bunch of documents her ex demanded.

Sofia and Nick have been involved in dueling lawsuits for years. During their relationship, the two decided to freeze embryos in case they wanted to have children. The contract they signed states both parties must agree before the embryos can be brought to life. Sofia and Nick broke up without ever having used the embryos.

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As The Blast previously reported, after their split, Nick filed a bunch of lawsuits in different states against Sofia. The gist of his argument was he wanted to bring the embryos to life without Sofia’s consent.

Separate courts have dismissed each of Nick’s lawsuits against Sofia. The Louisiana judge presiding over one case scolded him for even filing it.

The last remaining case involving Sofia is the one she brought against Nick and The ART Reproductive Center. In the case, the actress is asking the court to order the embryos can’t be brought to life without her consent.


Recently, Nick tried to get Sofia to hand over a ton of documents and evidence. He wanted her to answer a bunch of questions about past incidents involving them. Sofia’s lawyers argued Nick’s requests were meant to harass their client. They objected to all of his demands.

A hearing was held on September 11 in Los Angeles Court. The judge sided with Sofia and shut down all 11 of Nick’s request for admission of facts. Further, he ordered Sofia will not have to respond to any of the 14 demands for various documents.

The court did allow Nick to see Sofia’s driver’s license and documents relating to her employment. The rest of the demands were shut down completely.

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