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Sofia Vergara Shuts Down Ex-Fiancé in Frozen Embryo Battle, Judge Dismisses Lawsuit

By Ryan Naumann

“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara scored a huge victory in court against her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Louisiana judge has dismissed all claims brought by Loeb against Vergara.

Vergara and Loeb have been fighting in court for years over frozen embryos. They ended their relationship before having kids.

Following their split, Loeb filed multiple lawsuits against Vergara trying to bring the embryos to life. Vergara has pointed to a contract they signed over the embryos, which requires both parties to consent.

Loeb filed one of his cases in Louisiana, where he believed the state laws helped his case. Vergara accuses him of having no ties to the state and believed he committed fraud upon the court.

In the newly filed court order, the Louisiana judge sided completely with Vergara. He threw out the entire case and scolded Loeb in the process.

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The judge ruled Loeb’s arguments over the embryos were not valid. He wrote, “Since the pre-embryos in this case are not and never were in a Louisiana facility, Louisiana’s Human Embryo Statue does not apply to them, and they cannot be considered proper party plaintiffs in this case.”

The judge then trashed Loeb for filing the lawsuit in Louisiana. Loeb originally claimed to have lived in the state and maintained a residence.

He also pointed to Loeb’s deposition where he testified, he only spent a couple nights here and there in Louisiana.


The court order pointed out Loeb had virtually no connection to the state and had not voted, operated a business or held a bank account. Loeb even admitted he obtained a residence to bring the lawsuit. He also revealed he had a daughter by his current girlfriend, who both live in Spain.

The judge also denied Loeb’s attempt to seal court filings in the case. He wrote, “What information has not been redacted is evidence that Mr. Loeb should have expected to be made public when he brought this lawsuit. Much of it is information that Mr. Loeb himself has disseminated to the media.”


The case being dismissed leaves only one lawsuit left. The two will continue fighting in the case brought by Vergara against her ex in Los Angeles.

Loeb and Vergara dated for several years but split in 2014. Vergara has refused to give him consent over the embryos and the two have been battling in court ever since.

Following their split, Vergara went on to marry Joe Manganiello.

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