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Snoop Dogg Upset That He Woke Up 'To A Bunch Of Snitching' After Slamming Tekashi 6ix9ine

By Jeff Mazzeo

Snoop Dogg was upset by the snitching culture that he seemed to be surrounded by on Tuesday.

The legendary rapper condemned all the rats after he was distressed by “waking up to a bunch of ----ing snitching on ‘The First 48.’” Uncle Snoop’s comments come after he slammed the public for embracing Tekashi 6ix9ine and his new music and the fans are convinced he is referring to the rainbow-haired rapper.

Keep scrolling to hear Unc slam rats of all kinds.

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'The First 48'


Snoop, who has been binging the popular police reality show that tries to solve murders in the first 48 hours after the crime but he was distressed when the first thing he saw in the morning was someone cooperating with the police during an episode.

"Snitchin'!" Snoop said with disgust. "I wake up to a bunch of ----ing snitches on 'The First 48'"

"Working with the people," he continued. "Punk! Scaredy a--! I'm going back to bed."

Fans Think He's Referring To Tekashi


Uncle's millions of fans believed they picked up what he was dropping despite Snoop never mentioning Tekashi.

"We all know we're talking about 6ix9ine the🐀," a clever follower noted, while another said, "IG war coming? Im on your side big dog."

Surprisingly, a few of 6ix9ine's trolls came for the legend in the comments of his post.

"stop it snoop, ur 48 years old 💀💀 just accept the fact that gooba is bigger than ur whole career," a troll commented. "U snitched on suge knight and murder trial... 🤡🐀," a second one wrote.

Slamming 6ix9ine


The Doggfather made his feelings known by commenting on the Instagram post of a Tidal music executive last week. The person posted a picture of Tekashi's new single cover "Gooba" to promote the track being live on the streaming service.

Snoop was NOT happy and posted a message about supporting Tekashi and anyone else who is a "rat" and a "snitch."

"They gotta stop pushing this 🐀 all these media outlets making snitching cool I’m old school f*** 69 and everybody pushing his line right now all New York. Gz," Snoop wrote.

Uncle Snoop Supports Young Artists, Just Not Tekashi


Snoop isn't one of those artists who isn't connected to what's new and happening with the kiddos. He recently paid mad respects to Roddy Rich when he was smoking a blunt. He was dancing and getting down to the hit song, "Ballin’" by Mustard that features the young rapper.

"Roddy Rich hard as a mother ----er on crip!" he exclaimed before bursting into his classic laugh.

He is very much in touch with what's going on in the industry but he doesn't support the way 6ix9ine handles himself inside and outside of the courtroom.

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