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Tekashi 6ix9ine Claims Snoop Dogg Is Threatening Him Over Instagram

Gettyimages | John Parra
By Mike Walters

Snoop Dogg and Tekashi 6ix9ine are still going off on each other, and now the rainbow rapper says Snoop is threatening him over Instagram.

Tekashi 69 is now claiming that Snoop reached out to him over the social media platform to send him a stern warning about continuing to publically talk about him and his family.

So, Tekashi posted a screenshot of an alleged direct message conversation between the two rappers, with a caption saying, "Can someone tell the police snoop dog is threatening me, he mad." The 'Gooba' rapper included a bunch of laughing emojis.

See Snoop's Message...

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See The Alleged "Threatening" Messages...


According to the picture of the conversation, Snoop wrote "say b-boy u gone learn. Hardhead makes a soft ---, o I forgot you already soft, Lil' b----"

It's unclear if this is the only message Tekashi received, but it doesn't really seem like a direct threat.

Of course, many fans are pointing out that Tekashi is acting like a snitch...Again. By posting a DM conversation, or sharing it with anyone -- and asking for the cops is being a rat!

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Snoop Dogg & Tekashi 69 Are At War!


As we reported, in the past few days the two musicians have gone back and forth at each other's throats -- including Tekashi alleging Snoop Dogg is also someone worked with the authorities.

Snoop has been posting memes and remixes of Tekashi's songs that people have shared on Instagram. In one case, Tekashi responded in the comment section saying, "No matter how you try and throw it off you are a 🐀 and you’ll never get away with it just because the 90’s didn’t have social media WE ALL KNOW you are a 🐀 you hear me a 🐀 should’ve kept your mouth closed."

The beef is clearly not slowing down anytime soon, but Tekashi took it to a different level after he dragged Snoop's family into the situation.

This Situation Is Getting More Serious...


Many fans believe Tekashi has gone WAY too far, and are posting messages in reaction to his latest allegations.

"Snoop you obviously better than him these people need a stop 6ix9ine a 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀," one person wrote. "Why you paying 69 any mind bro! You are way above him don’t give him the time of day," another said.

One fan put it this way, "Regarding rats, who cares. u do what U gotta do. In terms of music... Snoop is superior. 69 is fun o whatever. But snoop he is real music, 69 need to stay 20 more years to even try to be at snoop’s level. U shouldn’t even care uncle snoop, let the kid be."

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