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Snoop Dogg Shows Off His Gray Hair And Beard, Meet Silver Dogg

By Jeff Mazzeo

Ready for Snoop Dogg's high question of the day? "When was the last time you combed your hair?"

Uncle Snoop, 48, took time on Friday to question his fans and show off his unkempt hair and beard. Don't get us wrong, he is still a handsome gentleman but the dude has gone gray while being stuck at home. It looks like someone's been shaking it like a salt shaker too hard in his goatee because he is now Salt-N-Pepa Dogg.

Scroll down to see Snoop's gray hair while he breaths out gray smoke.

Snoop Dogg The Silver Fox


Snoop continued with questions and encouraged his fans to leave their answers in the comments section of his post.

"When was the last time you cut your mustache or cut your beard?" he continued.

"It's a good question," Snoop proudly declared before taking a gigantic rip off his blunt.

Mr. Dogg has finally reached the point of boredom and proved hit by showing off his TV show of choice during his smoke session.

"You know a n---- bored when he's watching Guy Fieri," he calmly said as he panned the camera to show his television. "'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!'" he muttered before erupting in non-sensical laughter.

His 4/20 Celebration


Despite his most recent bout of boredom and his desperate need of a hair cut, the rapper has actually been thriving at home. Last month, he celebrated his favorite holiday by singing "Mary Jane" on 4/20 live on Instagram. Since all the smokers were stuck in their houses too, thousands of fans tuned in and had a smoke with Uncle Snoop.

BTW, the classic song is considered one of the top smoking anthems, which had a huge resurgence with the release of the Ice Cube movie, "Friday." It was originally released in 1978 and still bumps to this day.

The Madden Monster


As we previously mentioned, the legendary rapper has been dealing with these times the best he can but beware of the Dogg when the servers for his favorite video game go down. Snoop is a well-known Madden NFL 20 advocate and he was not happy when he had a problem getting online to play other people. He shared his anger on social media and went straight to the top by calling out Bill Gates.

"Bunch of mother ----ers at home locked and loaded right now, FIX THIS SH--!" he continued. "Bill Gates, Microsoft, whoever the f---."

"All these mother ----ing bullsh-- a-- vaccines y'all trying to give us... fix the mother f---ing video game," he exclaimed. "Now!"

His method seemed to work because they had the game fixed in less than 30 minutes after his complaint.

Still Smoking


With just about every celebrity participating in viral social media challenges, Snoop decided to flip the switch on the push-up challenge. The famous smoker proved that he's got the greatest lungs in the game by accepting "The Kush Up Challenge." Instead of doing the tough exercise, he did several reps rips off the blunt like it was nothing.

"Challenge accepted," Snoop wrote on Instagram after being challenged by @gillie_da_king.

A few of his famous friends were impressed by his smoking prowess once again.

"MJ wit da smoke 💨," rapper T.I. commented, while Xzibit left 🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire emojis.

"Sorry Unc 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️," @gillie_da_king, the influencer that challenged Snoop, wrote.

Scott Storch commented, "I see u unc !" and BReal from Cypress Hill said, "Give it to em."

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