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Snoop Dogg Shows Up In College Chemistry Classes First Day Of Digital Learning -- See The Video!!

By Mike Walters

A college class got the greatest introduction to Chemistry in history, after a Los Angeles professor got Snoop Dogg to make an appearance in his digital learning video, to make sure his students read their syllabus!

The awesome video went viral after being shared on Twitter by attendees of the Chemistry 60 class at Pierce College in L.A. -- and the perfectly dressed professor makes it even better!

Chem 60's "Dr. Benny" was able to enlist Snoop Dogg to get his student's attention on the first day in session, and now it has him up for professor of the year!

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Chemistry Professor Gets Snoop Dogg To Join Class On The First Day!


In the video, Dr. Benny appears and begins walking down the stairs of his home. He starts by telling students "Today, I have a very special guest who has a very important message for you all."

At that moment, Snoop Dogg shows up edited into the video, making sure students read their syllabus for the upcoming class -- and the rapper is very convincing!

We all know how boring Zoom calls can be, but Snoop gives the class another clear message, "Don't be late. Let's go!"

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Make Sure You Read Your Syllabus!!


For the record, the video was recording on Cameo, which allows people to get celebrities to send them privately recorded personalized videos.

But, Snoop isn't cheap, and it will run you $750 dollars a pop!

It's unclear if Dr. Benny ponied up the dough for this one, but it's the thought that counts.

As you can imagine, students and fans alike LOVE the Snoop introduction and are lighting up Twitter with messages about the dope first day!

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See The AWESOME Video!


"I graduated 3 years ago, from a completely different college, in a completely different discipline, and this convinced me to read his syllabus," one person wrote.

Another added, "Other teachers and professors please take note!!! We’re honestly super easy to please. Even if you can’t get Snoop for your video, just be chill and understanding and we’ll fight anyone that doesn’t put respect on your name."

The best part, it appears a few professors got together to share the cost of having the Doggfather film the video, and they are all using it for their classes.

Now, It's time for compounds and elements!

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