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Snoop Dogg Says 'I'm Good', Holds Breath For 10 Seconds With No Coughing Amid Coronavirus Concern

By Jeff Mazzeo

Information changes quickly so stay up to date on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and follow the instructions set forth by the CDC, WHO, and local public health departments.

Uncle Snoop Dogg took the time to check in safe and ask how his millions of fans are doing while stuck at home on Monday.

The rapper put out his "P. S. A." on Instagram and held his breath for 10 seconds to prove that he is healthy. Unfortunately, holding one's breath is NOT A TEST for the Coronavirus but his message for everyone to "stay safe" came across.

"Stay close to your loved ones," Snoop said in his video. "Stay hydrated."

"I'll be checking in making sure you good," he continued. "You straight? You good? I'm good."

The "Drop It Like It's Hot" artist then proceeded to hold his breath. "No coughing," Snoop triumphantly declared after his exhale. I mean... we already knew he had strong lungs because he smokes like a chimney.

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Don't Hold Your Breath... Seriously


Snoop just wanted to check up on his followers in a very sweet way but we want to make it clear that the holding your breath test is not a real test for the Coronavirus. In fact, Stanford University addressed false social media claims that an official from the college recommended that it was a true test.

"Misinformation about COVID-19 symptoms and treatment falsely attributed to Stanford is circulating on social media and in email forwards. It is not from Stanford," the university tweeted on March 12.

Fan Advice: 'Don’t Share Your Blunts!'


His followers filled the comments section of his post up with well wishes and some very good advice.

"Stay healthy Unc @snoopdogg! Don’t share your blunts!" one concerned fan commented.

Smoking with Snoop Dogg is kind of a right of passage in Los Angeles and many celebs secretly puff, puff, pass with the rapper. Now that sharing is not caring in this current climate, it's unclear what he will do going further. Don't worry, from what we hear he has enough blunts for everyone to have their own when they step into his green room.

How Snoop Dogg Passes The Time


If you follow the rapper closely (we do), it comes as no surprise how he is spending his time while at home. Unc is racking up the wins playing the football video game, "Madden NFL 20." Snoop even shared a selfie while he was digitally getting down.

"Mancave solo bolo. Madden. Beef 🔥💯🙏🏾," Uncle Snoop captioned his pic.

Mr. Dogg is a well-known Madden player and his pic made it clear that he had all the smoke... metaphorically and physically because he was ripping a blunt while playing. Now that's what we call social distancing.

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