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Snoop Dogg Says the Oscars Can 'Sck a Dck' Over Kevin Hart Hosting Debacle

By TheBlast Staff

The Academy Awards don't have to worry about providing munchies and refreshments during the show, because Snoop Dogg won't be attending.

The "Lodi Dodi" rapper shared a smoky video in support of Kevin Hart after the comedian stepped down from hosting the 91st Academy Awards over his unearthed anti-gay tweets.

Snoop tells Hart not to worry, because the Oscars "ain't our kinda sh*t anyways," adding that he should come "do the BET Awards or Soul Train, adding that "they don't care."

The rapper explains that "You a comedian cracking jokes," and believes Hart should not have suffered the backlash for his old tweets.

Taking a drag off his own smoke, Snoop has some advice for Hart: "Smoke a blunt ... tell the Academy to suck a d*ck or die trying."

It's unclear who the Oscars will turn to now that Hart has removed himself from hosting duties, but don't go looking at Snoop, because he says he's got too much "sh*t to do."

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