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Snoop Dogg Accused Of Not Supporting Women After Boasting Over Bill Cosby Tweet

By Whitney Vasquez

Snoop Dogg is under fire and being accused of not supporting women after sharing his distaste over Gayle King's interview with Lisa Leslie in which the talk show host asked about Kobe Bryant's 2003 rape charge. The rapper caught more heat after he doubled down by boasting about Bill Cosby sending him a tweet from behind bars applauding Snoop Dogg for defending Kobe. The disgraced comedian also thanked Snoop for his continued support while he's in prison after being accused of sexual assault. Over 60 women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct with many claiming he would drug them before the assault.

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Gayle King's Interview:


It all started when Gayle King sat down with Lisa Leslie on "CBS This Morning" when it appeared she asked a question about Kobe Bryant's rape charge out of nowhere. The talk show host later blasted the network saying they edited the question without context. Stating, "I am mortified, I am embarrassed and I am very angry," Gayle King put all of the blame on CBS. But that didn't stop Snoop Dogg from being vocal about his anger over the situation. He even slammed Gayle's best friend Oprah Winfrey following the interview.

Snoop Dragged Oprah Into It:


Snoop Dogg posted several pictures of Gayle King with disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and asked if it was only the reputation of black men the two talk show hosts were interested in tarnishing. He also called them "bitches" and "hoes." Well, Bill Cosby caught wind from prison and tweeted the rapper applauding him for his choice of words. Snoop Dogg reposted Cosby's tweet and wrote, "Love u uncle bill," adding a fist pump emoji. His followers aren't happy about his Bill Cosby boast and quickly left comments accusing him of choosing to support men with complicated sexual pasts instead of the women they allegedly hurt.

He's Accused Of Disrespecting Women:


Some are specifically accusing him of disrespecting black women with this post. "Way to disrespect black women by not believing them just because a man told you not to," one follower wrote. "Yo Snoop. I agreed with everything you said prior to this," added another fan. "You're really standing up for bill? Unfollowing bruh," stated a third. Famous females like former ESPN host Jemele Hill and comedian Amanda Seales took issue with Snoop Dogg's post too and expressed their distaste with Hill reminding Snoop that Bill Cosby assaulted black women, calling the imprisoned comedian "anti-black."

Jemelle Hill's Response:


"I love you bro, but please remember that Bill Cosby also victimized black women. Beverly Johnson, the first black supermodel, wrote a compelling account of how Bill Cosby drugged her and tried to rape her," she wrote. "I’m glad he was able to present a positive picture of a black Dad, but he also was very anti-black in other parts of his life." Amanda Seales commented, "I understand that you’re mourning. I do. I also have been a supporter and lover of you and your work as you have been of mine but this is truly disheartening." Within one day, Snoop Dogg's post has gained nearly 20k comments with fans leaving words of support as well as distaste over the rapper's decision.

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