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Snooki Shares Hilarious Pic Of Her Daughter Getting Fake Arrested: 'SHES A GOOD PERSON!'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Jersey Shore has had so many crazy moments but none as famous as the epic arrest of Snooki on the beach.

The mawma of three showed that she is a good sport by sharing a funny family moment and poking fun at her 2011 arrest for being a public nuisance while drunk. The photo featured her 7-year-old son, Lorenzo pretending to arrest her 5-year-old daughter, Giovanna.

"Giovanna got arrested. 😩#WheresTheBeach (SHES A GOOD PERSON!)" Snooki wrote in the caption of her post.

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Why Is It So Funny?


The look on Giovanna's face should make you smile but the context Snooki provided with her caption brings back memories of the 32-year-old that the kids are probably too young to watch.

Snooki referenced the third episode of season 3 which is titled, "Where's The Beach." It featured her having a little too much fun in the sun after drinking heavily. Police were trying to escort her off the beach for disturbing the public while intoxicated but the star was so belligerently drunk that the situation eventually ended with her arrest.

It became a viral sensation because she shouted, "I'm a good person!" at the cops which is why mama's caption is perfect. The episode is now infamous and ranks on MTV's list of "Top 8 Funniest Moments We’ll Never Forget."

Click this link to skip to her embarrassing arrest.

Fans Loved It!


Her millions of fans obviously got the reference and sounded off in the comments of Snooki's post. "She’s a good person !! 🤣🤣" one amused follower wrote while another said, "This is awesome!!!"

Loads of users replied back with Snooki's other famous lines from her infamous arrest and commented, "Get off of me" and "😂😂😂😂😂😂 where’s the beach ..... she’s missing the crooked sunglasses 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ too cute."

One particular fan loved how Snooki is dealing with her messy, well documented past now that she is married and has three kids. "Your too .much😂😂 embracing the past to dance with the FUTURE," the observant follower noted.

Snooki 2020 Fitness Program: No Room For Trolls


The mom is kicking the new year off right and she plans to document her fitness progress on social media. She shared a picture of herself doing an impressive handstand and captioned it, "Today’s workout: Walking Handstands & Spin 👊🏽."

Almost like clockwork, a troll decided to take a shot at the star and tried to school her about social media.

"You know you’re not doing a real workout when you have to post it online to prove to everyone you’re doing it 😂😂😂," the troll commented on her post.

Snooki immediately clapped back at the fan and put them in their place.

"i actually did a sick ass workout and continue to," she replied to the rude comment. "I enjoy posting it on my social media because 1- i can. 2- i love showing people it can be done. ESPECIALLY other busy moms! 3- im a f**king beast."

Word to ya mawma!

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