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Lauryn Hill's Cousin Facing Arrest Over $70,000 Owed To Singer

By Ryan Naumann

Lauryn Hill’s cousin has been ordered to hand over his bank records to the singer to help her collect $70,000 owed, or face being thrown in jail.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a New Jersey judge has sided with Hill in her court battle against Gerald Hill.

The judge found Gerald had “violated” Lauryn’s rights by refusing to turn over his financial information. He owes her $70,000 over a loan she provided him. She claims he has refused to pay back a dime.

The court order states if Gerald fails to turn over the financial documents within 10 days, an arrest warrant will be issued and he will be taken into custody.

Back in June 2018, Lauryn sued her cousin claiming he screwed her out of $56,000. She loaned him the money in June 2017. Gerald signed a contract agreeing to pay back the money by September 2017. If he paid by the deadline there would be no interest owed.

If the loan wasn’t repaid by the deadline Gerald agreed for a 10% simple annual interest to be tacked on.

Lauryn accused her relative not paying back a dime on the loan. The suit said, “Defendant did not repay any portion of the loan on or before September 15, 2017, triggering the interest rate provision of the Loan Agreement. Furthermore, despite the demand for repayment, to date Defendant has not repaid any of the $65,000 principal due and owing under the loan agreement or any of the interest amounts that became due and owing following Defendant’s non-payment.”

She sued Gerald for breach of contract seeking the entire $65,000 plus attorney fees. Gerald never showed up to the court to deal with the case despite being served.

Back in August, the judge presiding over the case granted Lauryn a default judgment of $72,886.62.

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The court order read, “Judgment is hereby entered in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendant in the amount of $72,886.62 consisting of $71,228.95 in damages, including contractual interest, attorneys’ fees in the amount of $1,401 and costs in the amount of $256.67.

The singer has been trying to collect on her money and fired off subpoenas to Gerald. Lauryn recently head back to court pleading for help in getting her money. She accused him of not turning over his bank records and preventing her from seizing his assets.

Lauryn was in court on October 22 to argue her case. The judge came back on November 8 siding with her.

The case is ongoing.

Lauryn Hill is having quite the month with her dropping a new song for the film “Queen & Slim”. She wrote on Instagram about the experience, “Melina Matsoukas heard an older recording of a chant/song of mine called Guarding the Gates, she asked to include it in her film Queen and Slim. We added to the original in the form of this new version. Guarding the Gates is about protecting your most authentic and genuine self. Not a small message at all. ♥️”

The singer also paid off a massive tax debt.

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