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Simone Biles Blows Other Gymnast’s Minds With ‘Triple Double’ Beam Dismount

By Jeff Mazzeo

The most dominant gymnast in the world is ready for competition despite the postponement of the Olympic Games!

Simone Biles thoroughly impressed her peers on Tuesday by sharing a sneak peek at what she’s been cooking up. The Olympic champion is back in the gym after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. While she hasn't officially signed on to the rescheduled 2020 games, it’s clear by her practice video that she hasn’t lost a step.

Keep scrolling to check out her anti-gravity rotation.

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Catch You On The Flip Side!

"triple double 🤪,” she captioned the impressive feat.

For those of us that are governed by the laws of gravity, a triple-double means that she did a double backflip with three twists. Don’t be fooled, she makes it look a hell of a lot easier than it looks!

Fellow Olympic champion Nastia Liukin was left flabbergasted and commented, “Whatttttttttttt,” before declaring Biles the G.O.AT. with lots of 👑👑👑👑👑 crown emojis.

Gabbi Butler, star of the Netflix Docuseries, "Cheer," said, "Literally the best 🔥❤️."

Her millions of followers were impressed and showered her with praise but only the followers that were gymnasts really understood how cool the move was.

”that’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen,” one stated.

Her Famous Triple-Double Floor Routine


Simone actually shocked the world when she pulled off a triple-double during the gymnastics World Championships back in 2019. The only difference was that it was part of her floor routine and not a dismount from the beam. Regardless, it changed the game and it doesn’t take an expert to know that she is not a normal human. In fact, the move is actually called the "Biles II." What's more impressive than having a move named after you? How about two? Yeah... she's pretty good.

Champions Don't Take Days Off


Not being able to practice in a gym or with her teammates didn't stop her from getting after it. She may have gotten some well-deserved rest and relaxation, she never fully stopped training. In April, she put her unreal core strength on display as she inverted in the middle of her living room.

"Stay home and stay focused! 🤍" she wrote at the time.

Of course, she also participated in the handstand challenge where she rushed to take her pants off while balancing on her hands.

Giving In To Her 'Coaches'


Simone must be glad to be back in the gym because she admitted that her adorable little French bulldogs sometimes prevent her from exercising. She shared a cute snap of herself posing with her dogs, Lilo and Rambo. She was all decked out in white Nike gear but the dogs wouldn't let her just do it.

"I can’t ..... my frenchies say NO," she captioned the pic of her canine friends and her.

The are super cute but no excuses!

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