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Shonda Rhimes Daughter Was Paid Scale for Scandal Episode

By TheBlast Staff

Just because your mom created the show, doesn't mean you get a big payday for guest starring.

The Blast obtained a copy of Shonda Rhimes' daughter's contract from her cameo on the series finale of "Scandal."

15-year-old Harper Rhimes appeared in the very last scene of the show, as she walks through the White House to discover a portrait of Olivia Pope.

According to Harper's contract, she earned $1,089 for one day of work, with a rate of $990 plus a 10% advance for any post-production work needed.

Seeing as Shonda created the show, she could have paid Harper a star's salary and given her a trailer ... but you gotta hand it to Rhimes for keeping her daughter grounded. Plus, a thousand bucks for a day's worth of work ain't too shabby.

Harper once claimed in an interview to not be a fan of either of her mom's mega TV hits, "Scandal" or "Grey's Anatomy." That probably changes when the checks start rolling in.

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