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Chrissy Teigen and Sharon Osbourne's Feud Over Controversial Christmas Song Continues

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By Natalie Hunter

There has been a lot of talk after Kelly Clarkson and John Legend released their version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" but hasn't been between the two singers. Instead, Sharon Osbourne and Chrissy Teigen have been feuding over the unique cover. The latest bit of shade was thrown by Sharon Osbourne. Both women have experience as talk show hosts but after Chrissy Teigen comments at the Baby2Baby gala, Osbourne clapped back at Teigen and reminded Teigen of how short-lived her talk show FABLife was, "It’s amazing that you remember those days, 'cause the show you were on didn't even last a season."

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The song "Baby It's Cold Outside" has been a hot topic in media ever since the #MeToo Movement started. There are lyrics that hint at the man in the song ignoring the rules of consent. Even though the woman keeps saying "no" he keeps using different lines to persuade her like "What's the sense of hurting my pride?" and namely "Baby, it's cold outside" and every variation of the phrase. It even hints at an alleged attempt at rape when the woman proclaims, "Hey, what's in this drink?" Fans of the song say that the women's protestations are her placating social norms while actually wanting to partake.


Sharon Osbourne sided with these fans while the ladies of 'The Talk' discussed Kelly Clarkson and John Legend's cover. The [new cover] ( the lyrics to fit in with today's rules of consent with lyrics like "It's your body and your choice," humorously calling back to an Uber driver named Murray and taking out the line questioning the drink's contents. Osbourne thought the lyric change was insulting to the song's original singer, Dean Martin. Chrissy light-heartedly defended her husband at the Baby2Baby Gala stating, "Sharon's always going to have something to say, it's her job," she joked. "I remember those days of getting to talk sh*t for money. It's very fun."


[Sharon Osbourne did not take Teigen's comment lightly.] ( In addition for calling out Teigen's short-lived talk show, Osbourne remarked, "We don't get paid to talk what she said, about anyone," Osbourne said. "We are self-made women at this table, who have lived very interesting lives, everyone one of us. I was born into the industry. I just didn't marry someone who was in the industry," added Osbourne, who herself famously married rock star Ozzy Osbourne in 1982. She then softened the blow by stating, "I just thought the lyric was silly, and that's it," she added. "I love the way you stand up for your husband, I think it's amazing… But don't start anything, because I know it will get ugly. So don't start."

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