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Shaq Isn't Worried About His Son and the UCLA Party Scene

By TheBlast Staff

Shaquille O'Neal has total confidence that his son won't fall prey to the Hollywood scene next year when he starts his first year of college.

Shaq's son Shareef is headed to UCLA in the fall but according to his NBA star father, "he'll be fine."

Adam Glyn caught up with Shaq in NYC today and asked him whether he was nervous about the Hollywood nightlife.

"Nope, he's not that guy," the baller said.

As for Shaq, that's another story. During his heyday, the all-star said he would stay out until "5 or 6" in the morning and still crush it on the court against a bad team.

He also gives his pick for this year's MVP ... here is a hint, his initials are J.H.

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