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Shannen Doherty's Insurance Company Demands Actress Not Be Allowed To Bring Up Cancer To Jury

By Ryan Naumann

The insurance company fighting Shannen Doherty in court is demanding the actress’ not be allowed to talk about her stage 4 cancer in court.

Doherty is currently suing State Farm Insurance for allegedly not paying for fire damage to her Malibu home. State Farm has denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

Recently, Doherty revealed her cancer had returned and it came back aggressive. The actress said she was dying from stage 4 cancer. Doherty said she learned about it coming back last year before Luke Perry’s death.

Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, which spread to her lymph nodes. She underwent a single mastectomy in 2016. She announced her cancer was in remission in April 2017. She dropped the bombshell health news saying it was set to come out in the insurance company lawsuit.

The case is ongoing and both sides are preparing for trial.

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In newly filed documents, State Farm is demanding Doherty not be allowed to talk about her cancer to the jury. They want any evidence of her health banned from the trial. They want an order, “excluding plaintiff from presenting evidence or argument regarding plaintiff’s current medical condition, adverse impact to her current medical condition because of State Farm’s claim handling.”

State Farm says they believe Doherty will argue they, “exacerbated or worsened her medical condition. This is allegedly due to State Farm’s handling of plaintiff’s insurance claim. Such evidence should be excluded as irrelevant, unfairly prejudicial, and constituting unfair surprise against State Farm, and there is no expert and/or medical basis to support such a claim.”

A judge has yet to rule.


Last year, Doherty sued State Farm Insurance over damage to her Malibu home from the Woolsey Fire. Doherty said, “State Farm will take advantage of the vulnerability and distress of its policyholders when they find themselves in the very situations they paid thousands of dollars in premiums to insure against.”

The actress said her home suffered severe damage and is unable to live in the home. The insurance company said they provided Doherty with temporary housing including a $35,000 rental home. They claimed in court docs, “As of September 11, 2019, State Farm has paid benefits totaling $1,084,948.01 to clean and repair plaintiff’s home and personal property, and for temporary housing and furniture rental. Although State Farm paid for the damage to plaintiff’s home, personal property, and for temporary housing and furniture rental, plaintiff nevertheless alleges she is entitled to additional benefits under her Homeowner’s Policy.” They are demanding Doherty not be awarded a dime.

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