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'90210' Star Shannen Doherty Fighting To Keep Medical Records Private in $2.7 Million Court Battle

By Ryan Naumann

Actress Shannen Doherty has rushed to court fearing her private medical records could be leaked, as part of the lawsuit against her insurance company.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Doherty is pleading for a judge to keep her medical information private.

Doherty is suing State Farm Insurance for allegedly not paying for fire damage to her Malibu home. State Farm denies allegations of wrongdoing. They recently accused Doherty of refusing to turn over her medical records. A judge ordered the actress to hand over the records, sit for a deposition and allow for a home inspection.

Doherty agreed to sit for a deposition on December 12. The actress rushed to court days before the scheduled depo pleading for help. She expects to discuss her “confidential, private, sensitive medical history and present health status” during the deposition. Doherty says since she is a celebrity “there is a level of public interest in her health information that warrants a higher level of confidentiality.”

The actress says she has no issue handing over the records to State Farm. She is concerned about the information being leaked to third parties. State Farm fired back saying Doherty is playing legal games. They state, “Plaintiff should not be permitted, mere days before State Farm is scheduled to take the depositions of Plaintiff and her physician, to use the Protective Order to prevent State Farm from learning how Plaintiff’s medical condition requires $2.7 million in repairs to remediate the smoke damage.” In the docs, the insurance company revealed Doherty claims her “medical condition requires a complete rebuild of her home because, although it was not damaged by fire, it supposedly suffered smoke damage. Doherty claims her home needs a complete guy and rebuild of her home.

They are asking for the judge to shut down Doherty’s request for an amended protective order. State Farm argues Doherty has “addressed her medical condition publicly in the media since not later than 2015 and has continued to do so, up to and including this week.”

A judge has yet to rule.

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Earlier this year, Doherty sued State Farm Insurance over damage to her Malibu home from the Woolsey Fire.

Doherty trashed her insurance company for denying some of her claims. She said, “State Farm will take advantage of the vulnerability and distress of its policy holders when they find themselves in the very situations they paid thousands of dollars in premiums to insure against.”

The actress said her home suffered severe damage and she was unable to live in the home. To make matters worse, she is still in remission from cancer. Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, which spread to her lymph nodes. She underwent a single mastectomy in 2016. She announced her cancer was in remission in April 2017.

In her suit, Doherty called the entire home ordeal “incredibly distressing” especially as she was undergoing “invasive cancer treatment, including chemo and radiation therapy.


State Farm denied the allegations in Doherty’s lawsuit. The insurance company said they provided Doherty with temporary housing including a $35,000 rental home.

They claim, “As of September 11, 2019, State Farm has paid benefits totaling $1,084,948.01 to clean and repair plaintiff’s home and personal property, and for temporary housing and furniture rental. Although State Farm paid for the damage to plaintiff’s home, personal property, and for temporary housing and furniture rental, plaintiff nevertheless alleges she is entitled to additional benefits under her Homeowner’s Policy.” They are demanding the case be thrown out.


Last month, the legal battle turned nasty with State Farm accusing Doherty of refusing to turn over her medical records. They said Doherty was giving them the runaround on setting a date to allow them to do a home inspection. State Farm said Doherty was blocking her husband and doctor from being deposed in the case.

State Farm blasted the actress, “plaintiff continues to use her medical condition as a sword in this action yet is actively shielding State Farm’s multiple requests for Dr. Piro’s medical records and deposition in order to vet the veracity of her allegations.”

The judge scolded Doherty for not allowing access for the home inspection or her doctor’s deposition. He ordered all of it to be completed by this month.

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