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1. The Latest Misguided Halloween Costume

The eternal debate between whether or not Halloween should be scary (the correct answer) or sexy (please no, you're just embarrassing yourself) rages on, and that often leads to some misguided costume ideas. 2019's worst offender? "Sexy Mr. Rogers."

With this fall's release of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, it makes sense that Mr. Rogers is back in the public consciousness -- the man deserves nothing less -- but not like this.

2. This Is Just Wrong

The costume went viral on Twitter, bringing out the most hilarious and disturbing jokes that the Internet had to offer. Good luck getting this image out of your minds!

3. Pretty Sexist

People pointed out that the fact that it was a costume for a woman was rather sexist. Sure, a girl can dress up like Mr. Rogers, beloved children's host, but she's got to wear hot pants to do it.

4. Define "Sexy"

Other people pointed out that Fred Rogers had his own attractive qualities just the way he was, no bare midriffs needed.

5. Twitter Always Has The Best Jokes

Honestly, with how awful the news is all the time, it's kind of fun to have this low stakes horror to distract us from the rest of Twitter.

That being said, please don't dress up as Sexy Mr. Rogers for Halloween.

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