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Watch Seth Rogen Hit the Coolest Gravity Bong Ever

By TheBlast Staff

Science is fun, especially when you can combine it with something you feel passionate about, which in Seth Rogen's case is smoking marijuana!

In case you weren't part of that group in high school, you may not have experienced filling up your friend's parent's sink with water and then using a cut up 2-liter bottle to score some of the biggest and harshest bong loads of all time.

Well, Rogen has upped the game by using some sort of fancy apparatus that utilizes the power of the draining water to pull the smoke into a chamber, and then after it flips on its own axis the water pushes the smoke out.

The "Sausage Party" star shared the video, and was clearly mesmerized by the process. He also said he coughed for 25 minutes while his wife laughed at him. As she should.

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