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Selena Gomez Suffers Panic Attack During The AMA's Before Her First Live Performance In 2 Years

By Mike Walters

Selena Gomez suffered a panic attack in the hours before the American Music Awards and her first live performance in over two years.

According to several reports, the singer suffered the unfortunate event as she was preparing to take the stage at the AMA's to perform her two new songs, "Lose You to Love Me," and "Look at her Now."

"Selena definitely had anxiety and a panic attack before she went out and was putting a lot of pressure on herself," a source told E! news.

But, Selena took to social media to thank her fans and ensure everyone she was ok, saying, "Feels good to be back," she captioned a photo for the red carpet before the show.

"Thank you to my entire team and to my fans that stand by me. All of this is for you and because of you. excited for this chapter #sg2" the singer posted.

Gomez pushed through the moment and killed it on stage during the awards show.

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The Comeback Music


Selena recently opened up about the comeback songs and how personal they are to her current emotional state.

"More than anything I think I feel a sense of relief," she said.

The singer continued, "It's been four years since I've been working on this album. It's actually perfect timing because I was going to release it two years ago and none of the words that I'm speaking would have existed. So taking a moment to actually feel the feelings that I've gone through it's just, I don't know, I'm just so grateful that it's out."

As we reported, Selena was hospitalized several times over the past few years, suffering from anxiety issues. In one recent stay, she reportedly pulled out the IV's when hospital staff was treating her.

Kidney Transplant/ Anxiety Issues


After receiving a kidney transplant from her best friend, we broke the story, the singer decided to check herself into a New York wellness center to get herself refocused and healthy.

Fans of the singer believe parts of the new single are about her relationship with Justin Bieber, but obviously he isn't mentioned by name, she said a recent interview it was a natural follow up to a previous relationship song, "I released a song 'Heart Wants What It Wants' ages ago...felt like within going from there to go where I am now, it's like the greatest feeling, so it made sense," she said.

She continued, "Behind what I'm saying in 'Lose You to Love Me' it is very black and white, there's no in-between. That's it. And for 'Look at Her Now,' that's just my life exploding into all these amazing things."

The New Tattoo!


Selena decided new music wasn't the only thing she was going to share with the public, she also got a new thigh tattoo.

The ink is two hands hold a rosary and is on the outside of her upper thigh.

Fans showed their support of the singer by posting positive messages on her social media pages following the performance.

Several addressed how far Selena has come over the past few years, "I am so pumped! I have loved her since 2007 and prayed for her when I felt like she was going through a very hard time. I am so happy and proud for her. Thank you for speaking your truth and being so encouraging and being such an example on how to handle heartbreak (and when things hit rock bottom) I have looked up to you to get through tough things in my life and I am sooooo glad to have you as my role model. Truly thank you. Thank you, thank you, please keep the faith and keep on shining and changing life’s like you have been. Thank you," a fan posted.

Fans Show Huge Support...


"I'm so PROUD of you, you're a strong and beautiful woman," another commented.

A few even addressed the anxiety and panic of the performance, "dear, i’m happy you went through with this performance because your anxiety was very high. it doesn’t matter what the people will say because you did it and everyone is proud of you, singing a personal song will never be easy especially when people call you “victim” all the time...keep your head up because you’re the one shinning while the rest crying and pretending to be happy."

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