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Selena Gomez Speaks Out on Immigration Issue: 'Don't Stay Silent'

By Whitney Vasquez

Selena Gomez is addressing the US immigration issue head on and urging fans to take action.

The "I Can't Get Enough" singer took her powerful platform on Saturday to turn focus off her music and onto the important human rights issue she's clearly passionate about.

Sharing a black and white photo of herself, her strong caption tugs at the heartstrings.

"Kids in cages! Sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum blankets! No access to simple dignities! How is this still happening???" she began her message.

Calling the situation "inhumane," she puts herself and her family into the scary scenario.

"It’s absolutely inhumane to treat anyone like this let alone children. I can’t even imagine what they are going through," Gomez continued.

The Texas native, whose father is of Mexican descent, pleads with her fans not to ignore the situation any longer.

"We need to get this to finally stop!" the singer states. "Don’t stay silent on this human rights issue."

Providing a number and telling her followers to call their reps, she hashtags the message "#CloseTheCamps" and "#FamilesBelongTogether."

Gomez joins a number of celebrities who have been outspoken about the conditions that immigrant families are kept in after arriving to the US.

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Other Stars Speaking Out:

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Reese Witherspoon has also urged fans to take action.

“Attn ALL U.S.Senators & U. S. Representatives: Please support the Keep Families Together Act," the actress tweeted. "This atrocity must end."

She also called the images of kids in cages and families being separated "horrifying," "cruel" and "immoral."

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Chrissy Teigen compared her daughter, Luna, to a photo of a two-year-old child being stripped out of her mother's arms by an immigration agent.

"this little girl is the same age as my daughter. luna is the happiest thing. the funniest girl. and she is absolutely terrified to look around and realize she is too far away from us, even for seconds. the fear she would feel here fills me with rage and sadness," Teigen told fans.

The model and her husband, John Legend, have donated thousands of dollars and raised millions for ACLU.

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Alyssa Milano has been a powerful voice against the situation, making it clear she's unhappy with the direction of America.

"Demand the @whitehouse make public each-and-every one of the 100 federal camps separating children and families," she tweeted. "And let our elected officials inside. From NY to CA; From the Dakotas, to the border of Texas. The fight for humanity is on."

She added, "This is not America."

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Jimmy Kimmel used his platform to showcase the different ways to help.

“1) Call your reps at (202) 224-3121- tell them to END the separation of families at the border (ask your Senators to pass the Keep Families Together Act and your House Rep to pass the HELP Separated Children Act). 2) Donate to to protect vulnerable children at our border. 3) Use this frame on Facebook with a photo of you and your kids to show that you will not stand for families being ripped apart.”

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Ellen DeGeneres joined her fellow talk show host in addressing the issue at hand, saying regardless of your political beliefs this is not okay.

Sharing an article, she wrote, "I don’t care what your politics are, we can’t be a country that separates children from their parents. Do something about this, here."

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