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Justin Bieber Gifted Scooter Braun a Framed Shirtless Photo of Himself for Birthday Gift

By Mike Walters

What do you get man who has everything for his birthday?

If you're Justin Bieber, you get him a huge shirtless photo of yourself cradling your crotch.

The Blast has learned JB attended the 38th birthday party for his longtime manager, Scooter Braun, which went down Tuesday night at the posh San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood.

Along with Bieber, the party was attended by Scooter's other famous friends, like Usher, Katy Perry and Ashton Kutcher. Scooter's wife, Yael, also attended.

The big surprise of the evening, however, was when Bieber presented his gift to Scooter ... a giant framed shirtless pic of himself. In the photo, Bieber is showing off his famed Calvin Klein undies ... and has his hand provocatively stuffed down his pants.

The caption on the photo reads, "Happy Birthday Scooter ... You're welcome I'm awesome."


The caption on the photo reads, "Happy Birthday Scooter ... You're welcome I'm awesome."

Bieber was seen outside the restaurant carting in the giant work of art, and he is obviously poking fun at his manager for sharing in his lucrative success over the years. We're guessing Scooter didn't mind the subtle jab.

When asked about any deeper meaning behind the gift, a source at the party told The Blast it was very "personal between" Scooter and the singer.


Bieber and Usher, who has also been in business with Scooter for years, each sat alongside the man of honor.

During the dinner, the stars could be seen dining at a very long table and enjoying sweet treats, like platters of delicious looking chocolate chip cookies.


Scooter was also presented with a birthday cake and serenaded by his talented guests.

Before blowing out his candles, Scooter hinted that he wanted something from Usher to truly make his birthday a success ... but the video unfortunately cut off before we found the full request.


As for why Ashton was there, he and Scooter are business partners on an investment fund that targets the tech and music industries.

The two stars also recently partnered up on Washio, an on-demand laundry app that is touted as the "Uber for laundry."

Ashton was also still sporting the mustache he revealed the other week when he testified in the murder trial against the man who killed his former friend.


Scooter is also heavily involved with Katy Perry's career, and she made sure to show up and support her friend on his special day.

It's unclear what gift she brought to the table, but she was pictured holding a book titled, "Headlines: A History of Santa Barbara from the Pages of Its Newspapers."

The "Never Really Over" singer actually hails from SB, so it's possible Scooter gave her the gift at the dinner.

Unfortunately Demi Lovato, who Scooter also reps, did not attend the dinner. However, she sent her best wishes in an IG post proclaiming that she was "so excited for the future."

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