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Savannah Chrisley's Dad, Todd, Claps Back At Troll Who Calls him 'Gay'

By Whitney Vasquez

Savannah Chrisley's dad Todd Chrisley went off on a troll who questioned his sexuality. The "Chrisley Knows Best" star lost it when someone private messaged his 23-year-old daughter with accusations that he likes men and attacked Savannah's physical appearance. Putting the troll on blast for her unwarranted comments about his family, Todd Chrisley posted the messages the hater wrote to Savannah.

The private message begins with an attempt to tear down his daughter's self-esteem. "Honey why don’t admit you have self esteem issues," the hater wrote to Savannah Chrisley before calling her "ugly."

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Attacking Savannah's Appearance:

Sporting her cosmetic line

"That Botox isn’t helping you it’s making you more ugly. Some are born with natural beauty and some pay for it like you," the hateful message continued. The troll then went onto question the patriarch of the famous family's sexuality.

"Why don’t you admit your dad is a f-----," the hater wrote. "America sees that your dad is gay the more he keeps denying it will manifest itself." She then went after Savannah Chrisley's ex-fiancé Nic Kerdiles with accusations that he cheated on the young star.

Did Nic Cheat?

Happier times

"And admit NICK [sic] dumped you he don’t want you," the message continued. "Honey the minute you start telling your man how to dress and get Botox he will distance himself from you and get p---y on the side."

Todd Chrisley wasn't having any of it and responded by epically defending his daughter. "Since I had a few minutes, I decided to allow my fagdom to manifest enough to say 'Fuck off,' he began his response. "You have some nerve to come at my daughter but after reviewing your profile, I see where the jealousy comes from."

Todd Shuts Down 'Thirsty' Troll:

Savannah and Todd take a selfie

Calling the trolls jab about Savannah's botox "weak," Todd Chrisley stated, "I get that you don’t have my DNA ,but that’s your mamas fault for not meeting me before she met your dad." He then moved onto discuss Nic Kerdiles' relationship with Savannah.

Saying 'he’s still in the same spot he’s always been, right beside @savannahchrisley and our family," Todd Chrisley destroyed the troll with his final message. "Nice try you thirsty trick, now with all that being said 'I’ve got a bag of dicks to work on.' PS, who even uses the word 'F----' anymore, didn’t that go out with bell-bottoms." Todd Chrisley's response has collected over 100k double taps.

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