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Sarah Palin's Husband Pointed a Gun at Their Son During Bloody Fight

By TheBlast Staff

Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, armed himself with a gun during a fight with the couple's eldest son, but was disarmed and beaten to a bloody pulp.

According to the court documents, Todd grabbed a pistol to "protect his family" after a fight with 28-year-old Track Palin got out of control. The fight allegedly began when Todd refused to let Track drive a truck after he was allegedly drinking and taking pain medication.

When cops arrived at the Palin family home, they observed a window that Track had broken to gain entry into the house and assault Todd. The cops also say Sarah was on-scene and visibly upset.

They told officers Track became enraged after the refusal to use the truck, and told the family he was going to come by the house anyways to "beat his ass," referring to Todd.

According to the police report, Track disarmed his dad and put him on the ground before hitting him in the head multiple times.

Todd was able to get free, and was seen driving away from the property when police arrived. He had injuries to his face and head, with blood running down his face.

Police officers also say that Track called them "peasants" during the arrest.

Track was arrested for domestic violence burglary, domestic violence assault and criminal mischief.

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