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Sarah Jessica Parker Demands $6 Million from Jeweler

By TheBlast Staff

Sarah Jessica Parker is going after a jewelry company that dared to claim the actress didn't fulfill her duties as an ambassador, and she wants over six-million bucks to serve as a reminder to not mess with Carrie Bradshaw.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, SJP counter-sued Kat Florence Design for $6.125 million which she claims to be owed for business services. The actress says she upheld her end of the deal by showing up to events, allowing for her name and likeness and appearing in on-camera interviews while wearing the merchandise.

SJP says she's only received $1.375 million of the agreed upon $7.5 million, and points out that even though KFD stopped paying, they apparently still "brazenly" use her image for promotions.

As we reported, the jewelry company originally sued the former "Sex and the City" star claiming she was difficult to work with and intentionally stopped upholding her part of the marketing agreement.

Parker fights back and says the jewelry company added a ton of unreasonable demands to the contract after it was inked, including being responsible for over 100 Instagram posts, monthly interviews and inviting the company execs to special events.

The actress says she warned the company she was going to take legal action and thinks they tried to beat her to court by filing their own lawsuit, and she also claims they opened up a new branch in Thailand to possibly avoid paying judgements from the case in the United States.

The legal battle continues between the two.

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