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Sarah Jessica Parker Contract Reveals Demands: English Interviews Only and No Filming of Her Eating

By TheBlast Staff

Sarah Jessica Parker’s contract demands have been revealed as part of a new lawsuit showing the actress refuses to do non-English interviews, prohibits filming of her eating and even claims that she decides when everyone gets to eats lunch.

As The Blast first reported, Parker was sued by Kat Florence Design over a multi-million dollar deal for a new line of jewelry, but the company claims she failed to live up to her end of the deal.

Included in the lawsuit was Parker's endorsement agreement, laying out the terms of the deal.

The contract says there will be no behind-the-scenes filming during shooting and if Sarah does agree to BTS footage, “There will be no filming until she is camera ready and gives her verbal consent thereto, filming will stop upon request and there will no filming while eating or during breaks.”

In regard to interviews to promote the line, Sarah made sure the deal gave her written approval over the media outlet and interviewer, and all questions were to be provided in advance. The agreement added, “All interviews shall be conducted in the English language.”

She prohibited the company from making life-sized cut-outs of her or having her face or name on window displays or shopping bags.

For travel, she was to be given first-class, round-trip airfare for herself and two guests. They were to book Sarah Jessica Parker a first-class hotel accommodation (1-bedroom suite for SJP and 2 standard rooms for her guests on the same floor as SJP’s suite).

SJP was to be welcomed at each airport with a VIP greeter and was to be paid $200 per day in per diem and $100 per day for each of her guests for miscellaneous daily expenses.

The company was responsible for providing SJP with full security on work days. Further, she was not to work on travel days and if SJP wanted, she could have a 24-hour rest period after international travel.

On all service days, Sarah Jessica Parker was to be provided with a first-class stand-alone trailer or dressing room with first-class amenities and exclusive bathroom … and a second room/trailer for her hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

SJP had a provision that allowed her to wear other brands of jewelry publicly and on red carpets, but she could not promote another line. The agreement also stated SJP had final approval over the company using any other celebrities or models.

Kat Florence Design had the right to terminate the deal if SJP was convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude or if she committed an act of fraud which brought SJP into a substantial scandal.

Photo shoots had specific rules put in place by SJP which included her picking her glam squad, which was to be paid by Kat Florence Design. SJP’s lunch break was to last one hour, at her choice of time.

The lunch was to be first class catering provided to her and her team, subject to SJP’s choice of food and beverage. She was also entitled to take reasonable breaks at her discretion over the course of the photo shoot day.

Lucky for the editor that would've had to cut out all that backstage eating, SJP allegedly never showed up to the events to take advantage of the luxuries in her contract.

As we reported, the "Divorce" star's rep says Kat Florence Designs "reneged" on their contract with Parker and "Refused to compensate her after fulfilling her contractual obligations and continue to use her image for advertising and publicity to promote their brand."

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