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The Blast shares Samantha Markle's statement about half-sister Meghan Markle's moving plans

Samantha Markle Reignites Feud with Half-Sister Meghan Markle, Calls Intended American Move 'Slap in the Face'

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By Sarah Wolstoncroft

It's quickly becoming clear that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's family members were not involved in the "many months of reflection and internal discussions" they claimed to have before announcing their upcoming move to North America.

In addition to Prince William allegedly feeling "blindsided" and "incredibly hurt," and The Queen basically saying this isn't over, Meghan's own half-sister has now come out to bash the decision.

"I think what is shocking is the lack of consideration for the people involved, the British Royal Family, the promises that were originally made to the British Royal Family to honor Royal duty and to lead by example. " Samantha Markle told Inside Edition Thursday, calling the decision "a slap in the face."

And Samantha didn't stop there.

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However, that was just the beginning of Samantha's rant against Meghan. She accused her half-sister of "engaging in attention-getting behaviors" and pretending like she doesn't understand the media.

"They stepped into the spotlight knowing what the duties were, knowing what the media would be like for them," Samantha said when questioned on whether she should be less harsh in light of Meghan and her family's safety concerns.

It also doesn't appear as though Samantha or Meghan is interested in mending their issues anytime soon.

In addition to Samantha saying she doesn't like how her estranged half-sister treated the Royal Family, she said there isn't much hope for her family stitching back together because of Meghan's behavior.

"I was being honest from the beginning in hopes I would appeal to her heart and morality" Samantha said, claiming members of the family extended "olive branches" in the past to be back on "amicable terms" but Meghan was uninterested in reconciling.

This is far from the first time the two sisters were in a fiesty feud.

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Back in December of 2018, Vanity Fair released an inside look into the Markle family and Samantha's comments about her half-sister Meghan were anything but nice.

Samantha criticized Meghan's claims that she struggled in college and paid for tuition through "scholarships, financial aid and work-study programs."

The 54-year-old said her younger half-sister was "delusionally absurd" and claimed it was their father who paid for Meghan's education in reality.

Unfortunately for Meghan's credibility, her father subsequently did an interview with Daily Mail, telling the publication he in fact did pay for her college education and has "the bank statements" to prove it.

Fans criticized Samantha in the past for being bitter and jealous of Meghan.

The Blast shares fans once defended Meghan Markle against Sam
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Fans once defended Meghan Markle against her half-sister's bold comments.

They were quick to clap-back in 2018 when Samantha referred to her half-sister with the nicknames "Princess Pushy" and "Duch-Ass of Sussex."

When Samantha continued to lack regret for her statements in an interview with Jeremy Vine, fans took to Twitter to express their disgust.

"Samantha Markle needs to stop milking any bit of publicity she can get. The jealousy is real in this one," one user wrote.

Others on Twitter accused her of trying to "back peddle" during her statements and switch to trying to being Meghan's "pal" once her bullying was ineffective.

But now they're starting to see her side.

The Blast shares news fans are siding with Samantha Markle
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However, now in 2020, it seems fans have changed their tune in the feud between Markle sisters.

Many Twitter users sided with Samantha today, agreeing that Meghan's decisions stemmed from selfishness and not safety concerns.

"Meghan took advantage on a vulnerable Harry who has admitted to having mental instability. What a cruel woman. #SamanthaMarkle was right," one user wrote.

Another continued, writing, "Wake up people this has been construed by Meghan all along. She's got her significantly raised profile around the world, she will never be out of it as Harry's wife or indeed ex-wife, watch this space after baby no. 2. Apology also needs to be given to Samantha Markle who was right."

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