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Sam Smith Reveals Celebrity Crush! Who Is It?

By Whitney Vasquez

Sam Smith has a crush on a celebrity that we didn't see coming but we get it. The 27-year-old opened up about what famous peer turns the singer on during a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Hits 1 on Friday, just months after revealing he identifies as nonbinary. Speaking with the radio station, the Grammy winner addressed who their crushing on these days following the breakup with "13 Reasons Why" actor Brandon Flynn. The "Dancing With a Stranger" singer dated the Netflix star for eight months before calling it quits last year.

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The Crush Is...


When asked about their relationship status during the interview, Sam Smith confirmed they're single and revealed the celebrity crush is "Honey Boy" star, Shia LaBeouf. “Do you know who came up on my phone last night? Shia LaBeouf,” the multi-Grammy Award winner stated before adding, “He’s so fit. He turns me on.” While admitted the crush, Sam Smith also stated that an actual relationship with Shia LaBeouf is most likely not in the cards. “I don’t think he’s gay,” the singer said. “But I’ll be happy to be his first.”

Being Vulnerable is 'Incredibly Scary'


The singer may be single now, but fans were really rooting for their relationship with Brandon Flynn. The two were first linked in October 2017 when they were spotted kissing and holding hands. They made their love Instagram official in December but it didn't work out. Sam Smith and the actor split eight months later in June 2018. In the same interview, the "Thrill Of It All" singer discussed creating new music after publically revealing they identify as nonbinary. Sam Smith even touched on the vulnerability of their “How Do You Sleep?” music video, which shows the singer wearing heels.

Calling it “incredibly scary," they stated, “I’m realizing now that’s the best space to be in. You feel joy quicker when being vulnerable like that.” The star continued, “I’ve always been like that when in the club, with friends, with people that I feel safe with, but showing it to the world is a different thing and I finally felt safe enough to do so.” Smith also stated that he feels “scared every day” to be his true authentic “feminine self.” Touching on the subject of homophobia in the industry, Smith said, “The music industry can be a bit homophobic. It’s a bit sexist at times,” the singer stated. “So being feminine like this in the way I move and dance and am, it feels quite scary at times but is worth it.”

Discussing 'Depression'


Earlier this year, Sam Smith spoke out about gender identity to British GQ, telling the magazine, “Ever since I was a little boy, ever since I was a little human, I didn’t feel comfortable being a man really. I never really did.” The singer also revealed that they feel "depressed and sad" at times. “Some days I’ve got my manly side and some days I’ve got my womanly side, but it’s when I’m in the middle of that switch that I get really, really depressed and sad. Because I don’t know who I am or where I am or what I’m doing, and I feel very misunderstood by myself,” they said. “I realized that’s because I don’t fit into either," they told the outlet.

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