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Salma Hayek Shares Classic, Sultry 'Desperado' Scene To Wish Director Robert Rodriguez Happy Birthday

By Jeff Mazzeo

Salma Hayek is extremely grateful for the people that helped her out early on in her career. That's why she shared one of her most iconic scenes to wish director, Robert Rodriguez a very happy 52nd birthday.

"Happy birthday to my dear friend and mentor Robert Rodriguez, I wouldn’t be here had you not believed in me and given me an opportunity, I will be eternally grateful to you," she captioned the cool clip.

Keep scrolling to see her short clip... and if you haven't seen the film, watch it immediately.

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The legendary actress shared the famous scene from the 1995 film, "Desperado," directed by Rodriguez, of course. In this particular scene, a 29-year-old Hayek is slowly walking across a street in Mexico and causes a car accident because the drivers are distracted by her beauty. Luckily for her, Antonio Banderas's character saves her from a stray bullet.

Salma starred in several TV series before then but playing it was one of her big breaks when it comes to the big screen. For that, she is forever grateful to Rodriguez for giving her the oportunity.

Salma Salutes World Refugee Day


The “Like A Boss” star paid tribute to the thousands of refugees on Saturday for World Refugee Day. She shared several powerful shots that featured herself helping and giving back to the people.

"Today is World Refugee Day. I’ve been thinking a lot about the refugees during COVID-19. There’s very little information about how they were affected by the pandemic. My thoughts and prayers go to them,” Salma captioned her powerful post.

Hayek expresses that very little information is available about how refugees have been dealing with the pandemic and she wanted to make sure that they know that someone is thinking about them. She really is super sweet and caring.

No More Silver Fox


Earlier this week, she shared a captivating before and after selfie comparison. Hayek revealed that she had to get rid of her natural hair color for some reshoots. She had previously shown off the signs of Father Time and dubbed herself a "silver fox." The before picture featured her natural dark hair with a few gray roots and the after featured her colored and styled look.

"In anticipation for reshoots, I finally had to do my roots," Salma captioned her before and after pics.

She looks great no matter what color her hair is!

Celebrating Her Age


Based on her openness about her gray hair, it's clear that she is not one to shy away from her age or getting older. It's almost been another year but she celebrated her 53rd birthday back in September with a stunning bikini shot.

Her countless famous friends sounded off in the comments section of her post wishing her a happy birthday. She is one of the most well-liked people in Hollywood partly because she's so thoughtful. It's nice that her friends returned the favor on her special day.

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