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Royal Wedding Sparks Fudge Frenzy in Windsor, Local Shop Making Hundreds of Lbs!

By TheBlast Staff

For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, nothing will be sweeter than exchanging vows this weekend with the world watching. For the rest of us, sweet cravings can be satisfied with a trip to the local fudge shop as they crank out an insane amount of candy leading up to the royal wedding.

The Blast spoke with Fudge Kitchen in Windsor, which is located right next to the castle grounds where Harry and Meghan will be wed.

We're told the fudge shop has been swamped while everyone has wedding fever, so they've put their fudge production into overdrive.

Normally, we're told Fudge Kitchen makes about 100 lbs of fudge per day, however in the past week they've ramped up to making over 220 lbs of fudge and selling out every day.

The biggest draw at the moment is the shop's newest flavor: Lemon & Elderflower, the same flavor as Meghan and Harry's wedding cake. We're told customers have been going nuts for the "slab" type fudge that is made of lemon zest and natural elderflower, and then decorated with glitter and royal crowns.

Fudge Kitchen isn't the only savvy business to capitalize on the foot traffic coming through town, as we reported, the Krispy Kreme in Windsor is prepping to unload 7,000 donuts on the big day.

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