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Roseanne Barr Screams Explanation for 'Ape' Tweet: 'I Thought the Bitch Was White!'

By TheBlast Staff

Roseanne Barr has been through the wringer, and is done calmly explaining to people that she was not making a racially charged joke at Valerie Jarrett when she compared her to a character from "Planet of the Apes."

The comedian sat down with her son, Jake, last weekend and allowed herself to be interviewed about the whole fiasco that ended with her getting fired from ABC and everyone from "Roseanne" turning their backs on her.

In a teaser clip to the interview, released by her son, Barr appears noticeably stressed as she puffs on a cigarette and listens to Jake prompt her to explain what she meant by the infamous Valerie Jarrett tweet.

Barr finally interrupts with a cathartic scream of frustration and exclaims, "I thought the bitch was white, godammit!!! I thought the bitch was white!!!"

As we previously reported, Roseanne said she had no idea VJ was black when she made the "Planet of the Ape" comment. It's pretty clear her position hasn't changed.

The clip is great, and should be part of a larger interview Jake and Roseanne will release together.

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