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Betty White May Be Ronan Farrow's Next Target After This Advice From Mia Farrow

By Gary Trock

Betty White is a national treasure, but she's gotta have some skeletons in her closet and Mia Farrow is hoping her son gives up working on dangerous stories to focus on the "Golden Girls" star.

The hilarious text message was sent to Ronan Farrow by his famous mother as his book, "Catch and Kill" is hours away from launching.

Ronan has made a name for himself investigating the sexual misconduct of big players in Hollywood and seeing a well-deserved end to their careers, including Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves and Matt Lauer.


He shared a cautious text message from his 74-year-old mother, and announced, "When moms text reporters."

The text from Mia read: "Please couldn't you write about someone less dangerous?" and then offered up the suggestion, "Maybe betty white?"


The suggestion caused an outcry among fans, with many proclaiming to Mia, "I swear, if you bring down Betty White, I will unfollow."

However, others thought the only way Betty White could be able to dominate Tinsel Town for so long is if her power was based on unscrupulous methods, and advised Ronan he may be, "Seriously underestimating Betty White."

One fan suggested, "There's a reason she's the last surviving Golden Girl," while another warned, "I for one would not want to mess with Betty White."


Others wondered why Mia would be suggesting Ronan jump into "safe" work, especially when she has visited dangerous regions like the war-torn Central Africa Republic.

Mia clapped back, correcting that she has actually traveled to Africa "3 times!"

There's no winning this fight, Moms always get the last word.

Betty White, you better make sure you're on the up-and-up.

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