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Roman Polanski Sues to Be Reinstated to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

By TheBlast Staff

Roman Polanski thinks the Academy of Motion Pictures didn't oust him appropriately by failing to provide proper notice or allowing him to defend himself, and now he wants back in.

The controversial director just filed a lawsuit, obtained by The Blast, claiming the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences didn't follow proper protocol when they kicked him out as a member.

According to the documents, Polanski says he was notified by an "unsigned letter" on May 3, 2018 that he was "summarily expelled from membership."

He says he was offered an opportunity for reconsideration, but a meeting was held on January 26, 2019 without Polanski or his attorney present. Polanski's request for reconsideration was denied.

Polanski believes the Academy failed to "provide reasonable notice of any adverse action to be taken against a member, and a reasonable opportunity for the member to be heard."

Roman Polanski Academy Letter

He claims the Academy failed to comply with its own rules and policies in expelling the director without notice or an opportunity to plead his case.

Polanski won an Oscar for Best Director for "The Pianist," but did not accept the award in person as he was on self-imposed exile from the United States.

The director has not returned to the U.S. after being charged with raping a 13-year-old girl back in 1977.

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