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April Love Geary Claps Back At Trolls After Exposing Butt In Sexy Valentine's Day Post

By Whitney Vasquez

April Love Geary is slamming haters after they critiqued her for posting a "too sexy" Instagram post with her fiancé, Robin Thicke, on Valentine's Day. The young model caught heat after sharing a sultry snap in barely-there lingerie with her voluptuous butt exposed. April Love Geary shared the risqué picture posing with the "Blurred Lines" singer ahead of their dinner for two date night on Friday. Wearing a bold red bra with cutouts and a black g-string so tiny it could pass as floss, April Love Geary sizzled in the unbelievable photo.

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Haters Gonna Hate:


Hanging from the world's smallest panties included clips for her soon-to-be attached thigh highs. Cuddling up to Robin Thicke, his fiancée turned her butt towards the camera to tout her plump backside. Glaring over her shoulder, the mom of two flashed a daring smile while showing she's confident in her body with the untouched snap after welcoming her second daughter just one year ago. "His main course," she captioned the hot shot adding the kissing lips emoji. While many complimented April Love Geary on being body positive, several others shot her down insinuating she's irresponsible for posting such a provocative picture with two little kids at home.

The Provactive Shot:


When one troll commented, "They have girls no less. Sad thing is that she actually believes this is EMPOWERING. Quite the opposite. What this SCREAMS is 'I'm INSECURE!' Secure is when you don't have to prove it in PUBLIC," April Love Geary shot back, "no this picture screams 'I'm in lingerie standing next to my fiancé." Another hater made it clear they weren't impressed with the sexy shot either. "Not all things are meant for the world to see. This picture doesn't 'scream I'm in my lingerie next to my fiancé.' It just screams 'I'm in lingerie, look at me and like my picture,'" they wrote.

April Gets The Last Laugh:


"You would think you'd save your goods for your man's eyes only, but oh hell why not share with the world right??" Within hours, April Love Geary's post copped over 11,000 likes and nearly 500 comments. While several of her followers were fighting back and forth in her comments section, the argument over her bootylicious Valentine's Day post became too much for the star. She made her point very clear by epically clapping back in the best way possible. Slamming all the trolls and putting them in her place, April Love Geary stated, "Oh no my poor kids will have to see this picture when they're order ... hoes, they're 1 & 2." She continued, "You really think THIS INSTAGRAM PIC will still be NEWS by the time they have a cell phone?" The star, who's never one to pass up flaunting her perfect body, made it clear she won't be stopping her sexy posts anytime soon.

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