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Robert Pattinson is an in-demand actor; his cooking lacks a certain flair though.

Are You Brave Enough To Make Robert Pattinson's Pasta Recipe?

Gettyimages | Kimberly White
By Emily Reily

Actor Robert Pattinson is experimenting with food. That in itself isn't too unusual. But what is odd is that his food creation looks, and apparently tastes, bad.

This bit of new trivia was uncovered in Pattinson's recent interview with GQ magazine.

Luckily for us, an entire section of his interview was about his pasta recipe, which managed to decimate his microwave.

This is how it happened.

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Pattinson said his recipe, called Piccolini Cuscino, or "Little Pillow" in Italian, came about from an old business idea he had.

He wanted to be able to make “a pasta that you can hold in your hand." On the face of it, that just sounds weird. Is there anything wrong with just eating pasta with a knife and fork, or even a spoon if it's really small pieces of pasta?

Apparently, Pattinson thought he could improve the state of pasta today, and Piccolini Cuscino was the answer.

Robert Pattinson fancies himself a cook.

Pattinson said he even tossed around the idea with Uovo, a pasta restaurant in Santa Monica, but the co-founder there was lukewarm to the idea.

No wonder his recipe was given the cold shoulder, because it was basically half-baked.

Pattinson explained his recipe: You first microwave pasta for about eight minutes. Then layer a lot of sugar and slices of cheese inside a piece of tinfoil.

The different looks of Robert Pattinson.

The piece de resistance? Crushed cornflakes, as an alternative to bread crumbs (he couldn't find any at the store).

Then add some red sauce -- it doesn't even have to be red; he says "any sauce" will work fine -- to the cheese and pasta concoction.

But it gets better: Pattinson applies a hamburger bun and flambees it with a lighter.

List Item #5

Robert Pattinson seems like a perfectly normal person.

Then Pattinson tried to warm the whole thing up in the microwave using the tin foil. And anyone who's ever had a microwave knows that you cannot put any kind of metal into the microwave - that includes tin foil.

But Pattinson didn't get that memo, and the whole thing exploded, logically.

Piccolini Cuscino looks scrumptious.

Twitter user Trey Taylor revealed his version of Pattinson pasta, which looked like floppy pieces of overcooked pasta swimming in a brown liquid and housed in a wrinkled tinfoil package.

Edith Young at also made it.

“It actually smells kind of good,” she said while preparing it. But smell and taste are two different things.

“I conclude that this dish would be well-suited for the menu of a Catskills resort, where an elderly woman once said to her friend: 'Boy, the food at this place is really terrible,' " Young wrote.

At least Pattinson's acting is still stick-to-your-ribs good.

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