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Rob Lowe Deletes Tweet About Elizabeth Warren: 'It Was a Joke'

By TheBlast Staff

Rob Lowe thought he was making a joke about Elizabeth Warren but it did not go over well and he ended up deleting it.

"I deleted my Elizabeth Warren tweet," Lowe wrote late Saturday night. "It was a joke and some peeps got upset, and that’s never my intention. On the GOOD side: I just got to use the Oxford comma!"

A few hours later, seemingly addressing the same topic, he added, "Observation: many polarizing politicians actually LIKE each other, privately help each other, then publicly stir the pot, playing for votes. That’s fine. Only thing wrong with it is when we buy it whole cloth, breeding intolerance, anger and total inability to laugh at ANYTHING."

The tweet that got Lowe in hot water made reference to Warren's Native American ancestry. He wrote, "Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to Commander in 'Chief.'"

Rob Lowe Elizabeth Warren tweet
twitter / roblowe

Lowe's tweet and even the apology did not go over well on social media, drawing ire from the likes of Mark Hamill and Vincent D'Onofrio.

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